Server Information (Specs, IP, Staff, Etc)

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Server Information (Specs, IP, Staff, Etc) Empty Server Information (Specs, IP, Staff, Etc)

Post  Eimeineko on Mon Feb 20, 2012 1:01 am

SoraCraft is a server run by BlockBusters, which is a boyfriend/girlfriend team who have been running servers for close to 2 years now. SC is a SOFT RP server, which means that all the mechanics have been put in place to encourage roleplay, but you are not required to roleplay to be a fully accepted member of our community. I have put a lot of thought and time into backstories and lore, job classes and prestige classes, and how best to keep the game balanced.

SC is run as a Towny server. There are two nations - the one you are fleeing from, and the one you are settling into. Nation and Town wars are turned off. PVP is turned off. Towny is your means of protecting your buildings, but towns are not easy to come by. (More on that in a bit.) We also run iConomy, Chest Shops, mcMMO, Falsebook, and a few more server-adminy plugins that will probably never affect you directly.

Your SC Admins are Eimeineko (me), and DanDavis_. We are currently looking for online, dedicated players to hire as moderators.

SC is hosted on Lethal Drive, which is run by the original owner/creator of Brohosters. They have been running our servers for nearly a year now, with fantastic results. Our specs are as follows:

1.75 Gig RAM
Windows Host Machine
Intel Xeon Processor

Our server's IP is:

In addition to our forum presence here, we also have a Facebook Group and a WikiSpace. (Clickie those!)

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