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Post  Eimeineko on Mon Feb 20, 2012 12:53 am

I'm not even kidding here. These are the rules you are expected to live by and follow while using ANY SoraCraft service.

1. No caps outside of normal sentence structure grammar. You don't have to shout to emphasize your words. You can use * or - instead.
2. English in main chat. This includes the forums. If you would like me to set up forums in a different language, please just ask.
3. No cursing. At all. We have minors who play this server, and I honestly would like to see a server of adults who are clever enough to find other phrases to vent their emotions.
4. Don't be a jerk. This means respecting yourself, the other players, guests, and staff. This also means that you shouldn't use technicalities, "letter of the law", or other such loopholes to get around the rules.
5. No begging. Not for day or weather (which we can't even give because we don't run essentials), items, promotions, OP, creative mode, anything. You can ask for help, but if its a straight request for any of the above, I *will* ban you.
6. In addition to no cursing, no obscene language of any kind is allowed. This is a family oriented server, run by a lady. So I don't want sexual innuendos, druggy references, discrimination of any sort, etc.

On the forums, every rule above applies, along with a few more.

1. Do not add fire to a flame war. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and I understand that people will want to defend themselves on their reports. However, you can state your side of the story ONCE, and then leave it to us Admins to judge. If we need more information, we will PM you.
2. No excessive bumping on your advert threads. While I know everyone wants to be seen, we have to allow those who have TRULY hot threads to be rewarded.

In the server game play proper, there are a few additional rules.

1. No griefing. Not even ONE block. If its not yours, don't touch it. This is a 0% tolerance rule.
2. If you have been griefed, you MUST report it via the form provided, or we will not do anything to help. EVERY field must be filled out.
3. Clean up after yourself. This means chopping down trees in their ENTIRETY, as well as disassembling your abandoned houses, and of course 1x1 towers.
4. Everyone will only build 350 blocks away from the capital city (which will not be where you spawn.
5. Do not build within sight of a towny town without permission from the town's Mayor. This is for your own protection, as your Wilderness land can be claimed by said town without your approval.

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